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Quality & Environment policy statement

Our company and our employees are committed to quality and environmental protection, therefore we introduced, operate and continuously improve our quality and environmental management system following the ISO 9001: 2009 and BS EN ISO 14001: 2005 standards requirements.

Our company is constantly monitoring the technical specifications and expectations, changes in the client's demands for the metal-working, metal cutting, component manufacturing activity in order to ensure that the quality of our services, our partners' satisfaction and the success of our business steadily increased.

In the course of our operations, we track the legal changes related to our activities. We strive to identify any other requirements and to comply them.

With the continuous improvment of our company's quality and environmental management system we want to meet more and better our clients' expectations.

During our activities we aim to contribute to our partners' economic success, we contribute to the achievement of his market success.

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